Psychosocial Support

The Association‘s aim is to empower survivors of violence by providing psychosocial support to those people who have been affected by violence. Survivors are therefore given individual counselling sessions as well as group therapy sessions so that they are emotionally uplifted and are able to deal with their situations and realise their self- worth. This is done through individual counselling, holding of monthly circles (group counselling) and a youth program called “She-Hive youth club” (SHY-Club

Meaningful Engagement Of Survivors

Engagement of survivor throughout the implementation of all programs is essential. Survivors know what worked and did not work for them and are experts in what it means to overcome adversity therefore they need to be at the fore front when advocating for social change and implementation of laws and policies that protect women and children from violence. All hands together can make a difference within communities hence the need to institute movements that fight against violence. “Nothing for us without us”

Awareness Raising and Advocacy Campaigns

The Association seeks to break the chain of silence around abuse thereby increase the number of reported cases through advocacy campaigns. These campaigns are aimed at educating the community on women and children’s rights so as to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls country wide and eventually world- wide Since the Association predominantly deals with domestic violence that is often instigated by gender based violence on women and children,

Use of Media

The use of media through different platforms such radio stations, television, dialogues created within social media platforms such as Facebook and website are engaged with the hope of attracting more people and having an improved participation of people joining in the fight against gender based violence and advocating for respect of human rights especially women and children


the Association implemented and celebrates the following programs; information and experience sharing, MenEngage, Movember, international women’s month, 16 days of activism, media campaigns, meaningful engagement of survivors, organisational capacity and institutional development as well as resource mobilisation

Organisational capacity and institutional development

We hope to increase the number of districts within which She- Hive will offer its services by establishing partnerships in every district for better network and dissemination of information. With this strategy, the aim is to attract more community members to join She-Hive Association and that will help strengthen the governance and management capacities of network structures at all levels. We hope to establish monthly circles (membership of survivors who meet monthly for therapy), community councils and executive committees that will lobby for human rights within their localities and conduct trainings. We also hope to have an operational office with relevant staff members for coordination of programs.

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